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2024 Apr 27
You don't need a lab Ben Whitley purplg.dev Why is self-host? Big service providers can and have lost your data. Requiring an internet connection to turn on your light while you're home is asinine. Privacy, of course. Is it expensive? No! But it can be if you like. My setup involves a $10/mo and $5/mo Linode VPS. One hosts my own Matrix (Synapse) server and an IRC bouncer and the other is other random small services like an always-online Syncthing peer.



2023 Mar 25
https://xkcd.com/378/ Interesting video on the history of Emacs: https://youtu.be/8dpnow-j000 Me Ben Whitley github.com/purplg Just someone who loves computers. I have a tendency to move fast (sorry!), so please remind me to slow down if I go too fast. What is Emacs? Emacs is a Lisp engine that was turned into an editor. The core is written in C but most of it is written in Emacs Lisp. This enables you to change pretty much anything about it at runtime.